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I never tell stories for free ..consider yourself extremely lucky:) This story is true. I was there … I saw the whole thing. The Central Park 5 … Way back when … public opinion mattered it meant something …. I was A teenager .. these five black young men were not shot and killed. Deep breath. (we've heard of too many of those stories.. in regard to our police) ….. they were only arrested and taken to jail for 15+ years.. they all still live … As i write this. They live. Back then.. It was a simpler time .. people had beepers or pagers if you will .. like the doctors carry these days.. These boys.. got arrested with out any evidence, for gang raping a woman; in Central Park . (New York) She could not place them at the scene or identify them. Some one was convinced it was them though …he just had a hunch.. This -some1+ had just gone "bankrupt" bankrupt a word that means different things to different people… However; Donald Trump reached down in his deep "morally" bankrupt pockets & purchased a FULL page advertisement in the New York Times (like waaay b4 they were"failing") imploring the public to convict these men because all the police involved were not properly equipped to solve such a crime. Next. There were angry mobs outside the court (Southern District).. until they were ALL CONVICTED & sent to prison for a 1/4 of a life time until DNA evidence research evolved… ..& they begged to have a chance to retry the case. DNA evidence reveled that it was impossible for any of these {now} men to have raped this woman .. they let these men take a shower.. & gave them bus fare to get home. No 130,000 hush payment.No Nothing. In the words of Dr Dre & the late EzE . THIS TYPE OF SHIT HAPPENS ERYDAY. Life is weird.Stay Free .. and remember not to rape . Produced by Oryn the Rebel via #blm #vote

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